About us

About us

With the passage of time we start to forget about traditions and move more and more into the age of technology, we replace people with cars and fresh products with powders and additives, authentic tastes with flavorings ... but at LACTANA we do not forget about tradition, we believe in people and we do not we add dishonest ingredients to make our cream better ...

... and we think it's worth it!

Our activity started when a group of enthusiasts passionate about natural products noticed how much we lack quality dairy on the local market, and when we talk about quality dairy we think of creamy cream
from the room grandparents, fresh milk, butter with an abundance of whipped cream and
milk smell, fresh cheese that fills you with morning power ...
in a word homemade products, fresh milk, without additives ,
without dyes, without additives.
With this in mind, the dairy factory of the company
Haruz Grup SRL and the brand LACTANA were established, and since we have always been passionate about dairy products. Italians we learned to make mozzarella, ricotta,
caciotta, scamorza, caciocavallo and burratta. We were taught by the Italians themselves,
all the traditional secret recipes for the preparation of these products and we are proud of the authentic Italian taste that we have obtained.

Compared with other local producers we offer natural products made from fresh milk, not from powdered milk, without
vegetable fats, products prepared with care, manually and not mass production.

The passion for authentic taste and taste has brought us to today's moment when we receive positive feedback from you,

we are encouraged
to continue to enjoy honest, fresh and quality dairy products.

Moldavian milk

For tasty dairy, quality milk is needed. Therefore, in order to maintain the known taste of LACTANA dairy products, we use only milk from farm-raised cows in the Republic of Moldova, thus supporting agriculture and the people who deserve it.

Our factory

We hold a lot at our factory, we own modern semi-manual machines, the basic work being done by well-trained workers. The machines were imported from Italy and I learned the manual work from technologists from both Italy and the Republic of Moldova. We use glass jars in which we ripen the cream and yogurt, these jars you can return to our own commercial points, the address of which you find in contacts.

Quality assurance

First of all, we check every batch of milk that arrives at our factory. We do not rush with him, we leave all the time needed to turn it into the creamiest cream, the most delicious yogurt or the most delicious cheese. And the taste is definitely a tasty milk.

Then comes the packaging, many of which are recyclable and reusable, safe, where our products feel proud to be on the road all over the country to provide you with energy and simple daily pleasures.

Private brand for the shop network NR.1

Our quality products: cream, cheese, cream, milk and cheese now and in packaging NR.1

How to find us?

You can find the full range of products in our own commercial points, the address of which you find in contacts < u>. The entire assortment can also be found on the Kaufland store network. You can also find us on the shelves of METRO, Nr.1, Fourschette, Linella

Our creed

We believe in people and we believe that people in our country deserve something better, which is why every day we market quality, lie-free products with honest ingredients and tasty taste.

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